SJC Standing Committee on Lawyer Well-Being Releases 2021 Annual Report

Thursday, Feb. 3, 2022

The Massachusetts Bar Association is pleased to share the 2021 Annual Report of the Supreme Judicial Court’s Standing Committee on Lawyer Well-Being (“SJC Standing Committee”).

Launched in January 2020, the SJC Standing Committee, which is co-chaired by the Hon. Margot Botsford (Ret.) and MBA Past President Denise I. Murphy, oversees efforts to improve the well-being of lawyers, judges and other members of the Massachusetts legal community. It is charged with implementing the recommendations in the July 2019 report issued by the original SJC Steering Committee on Lawyer Well-Being.

The 2021 Annual Report highlights the work and accomplishments of the SJC’s standing committee, as well as those done in collaboration with other partners, including the MBA’s Lawyer Well-Being Committee (“MBA Committee”). For example, the Annual Report mentions its recent work with the MBA Committee on The Path to Lawyer Well-Being: A Toolkit for Bar Associations in Massachusetts and on other Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programs.

Read the SJC Standing Committee’s 2021 Annual Report here.