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Legislative Activities

The Massachusetts Bar Association is the preeminent voice of the legal profession and continually advocates on behalf of the legal community. As the statewide bar, the MBA speaks with a unified voice for all lawyers regardless of the city or county where they practice, race, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation, religious tradition, or designated area of law. 

Speaking up for justice and fairness is part of our responsibility as the statewide bar association. The MBA is not only involved in improving access to justice — by advocating for proper funding for the courts or an increase in spending for legal aid — but it also uses its voice to speak on more specific issues impacting a particular segment of the bar or area of law. For example: the MBA actively worked with state officials to address the ongoing issues surrounding the Department of Public Health Drug Lab scandal. The MBA also consistently supports the call for higher salaries for assistant district attorneys, public defenders assigned private counsel and even commissioned a report which analyzed the "declining economic status" of prosecutors, public defenders and bar advocates due to low salaries. In addition, the MBA represents the bar with court leaders who routinely ask for input on proposed rule and policy changes.

The MBA is a vocal proponent for the legal system, through close collaboration with its sections and delegates. We are proud to stand with you in informing and educating legislators and others on the issues that most profoundly impact the legal community.