Thursday sessions to highlight practice, career issues

Issue January 2004

For the first time ever, Thursday afternoon at the MBA's Annual Conference 2004 will feature three simultaneous sets of programs aimed at helping lawyers and law students manage their practices and careers.

Running concurrently in the afternoon will be two tracks of programs under the general heading of "Managing Your Practice and Career."

The first track, titled "Proper Care of Your Practice," will cover:

- Communicating with Clients by E-mail;

- Managing Your Caseload;

- How to Run a Smart Law Business;

- How to Keep Your Clients Happy;

- Non-Traditional Marketing to Expand Your Client Base; and

- Building Your Law Business as an Asset for the Future.

The second track, titled "Managing Your Career," will include:

- Career Strategies;

- 20 Things to Know to Start Your Law Practice;

- Coping with Stress;

- Networking 101; and

- Career Roundtables.

In addition to the "Practice and Career" tracks, throughout the afternoon experts from a variety of companies will present informal Tech Talks designed to help busy lawyers, law offices and students solve some of the challenges of today's business environment using new technology tools geared specifically for legal work.

Attendees are free to choose any of the above session to best meet their own interests. For more on all these programs, go online to