Foundation seeks Fellows nominations

Issue January 2004

The Massachusetts Bar Foundation is looking for the names of lawyers and judges who deserve recognition for their professionalism and experience. The Foundation is seeking people with a strong commitment to the legal profession who are interested in becoming Fellows so they may be involved with the Foundation and support its mission.

Amid devastating budget cuts across the state, the Massachusetts Bar Foundation was still able to award a record $2.9 million this year, providing critical financial support to 126 law-related projects that either provide civil legal services to the state's low-income population or improve the administration of justice in the commonwealth.

The Foundation's continued vitality in these tough economic times depends on our ability to enlist new Fellows, and you have a large role in the success of these efforts. From funding legal intern fellowships and mission-related grants to participating in the annual grants review process, Fellows are the lifeblood of the Foundation.

To nominate a colleague, click on The MBF Board of Trustees will review and vote on nominations.

An active and diverse fellowship helps the Foundation better achieve its mission. Your help is needed more than ever if the MBF is to reach its goal of 100 new Fellows this year.