Help secure the MBA's commitment to law students

Issue December 2006

To help foster the MBA's ties with law students and schools across the state, the MBA introduced the Law Student Sponsorship Program in September. The response from law students and MBA members has been significant. Thus far, MBA members have donated nearly $3,000 to subsidize the cost of more than 80 law student memberships.

"We are thrilled at the interest that we have seen from law students and members," said Lisa A. Ferrara, director of programs and services at the MBA. "This program gives us the chance to bring younger members and fresh perspectives to the MBA, and we are grateful to our current members who are willing to sponsor this important initiative."

A law student membership at the MBA provides students access to numerous networking and career development opportunities through educational programs, section council memberships and publications that present the latest legal news.

MBA bar leaders and active members have donated funds to sponsor MBA law student one-year memberships (valid Sept. 1, 2006 through Aug. 31, 2007). Among the donors is Marc L. Breakstone of Breakstone, White-Lief & Gluck PC, who bought six memberships for local students.

"Our firm considers membership in the MBA one of the great privileges of our profession," Breakstone remarked. "We view the sponsorship program as an opportunity to allow new lawyers to reap the benefits of membership, which they might not otherwise enjoy."

Consider participating in this new program to help support the interest shown by the next generation of legal professionals. Your $35 donation will provide a local law student with access to the MBA's vast educational and networking resources before he or she even passes the bar.