ABA conference draws young attorneys to Boston

Issue April 2004

Seth D. Levy of Los Angeles (left) and Gerald T. Giaimo of New Haven, Conn., gather at the MBA for the ABA Young Lawyers Division regional conference. Levy led a presentation on the One Child, One Lawyer initiative. Giaimo serves as clerk of the ABA Young Lawyers Division.
Approximately 25 attorneys from New England and throughout the United States - including California and Texas - gathered March 20 at the MBA for the Northeast Regional Conference for the ABA Young Lawyers Division.

The conference featured a variety of continuing legal education programs as well as public service initiatives, including a luncheon roundtable with MBA President Richard C. Van Nostrand.

"It was an opportunity for members affiliated with the Young Lawyers Division of the American Bar Association to get together within the region and an opportunity to engage in CLE programs and public service programming and to discuss issues in the profession and to network," said Amy Cashore Mariani, a member of the Young Lawyers Division section and past chairman of the MBA's New Lawyers Section Council.

Programs included those on expert witnesses, federal implications in real estate transactions, the art of dispute resolution and tips for starting your own practice. In addition, Mariani and Van Nostrand led a discussion on whether new lawyers since a decline of professionalism among attorneys.

Attorneys discussed the balance between civility and zealous advocacy, and how the pressure for maintaining billable hours can strain professionalism. Van Nostrand said the issue of professionalism has been a concern for the bar for years.

"It is absolutely crucial to our profession and our careers," Van Nostrand said. "We continuously look at these isssues. We try to instill in our membership that professionalism is very important. Being a lawyer is more than just making money."