MBA packs Toolbox full of practice technology

Issue September 2003 By Abigail Shaine

As we head toward autumn and the end of summer, I hope you've had a chance to renew your MBA membership. I know you do not want to miss out on the benefit we launched last year - the Casemaker Online Law Library. The Casemaker library continues to grow as more and more states become part of the Casemaker consortium and their materials are made available to you.

In addition, new features are being added to Casemaker on a regular basis to enhance its capabilities. For example, thanks to suggestions from some users, you will soon be able to print copies of the case from the screen without having the history of subsequent citations, which appears on the first page, be part of your printed document unless you want it. Every time you open Casemaker please make sure to take an extra minute and see what other new developments may have come along since you were last there.

Responding to your enthusiasm for the introduction of new technology, we are bringing you even more this year. The MassBar Legal Tech Toolbox, a unique suite of technology products and services designed specifically for today's law-practice needs, "opens" Sept. 1. Last month, I told you about the addition of the "tool" of LexisNexis' member benefit programs to the toolbox, and this month I'd like to tell you about CompuWorks and LegalAdvantage from CT Source.

Through a partnership with the MBA, CompuWorks, a Wakefield-based provider of technology training and services, is now providing computer-training courses geared uniquely for lawyers and law offices. These seminars in Boston, Woburn and Springfield add to our already growing list of continuing legal education seminars not to mention our online CLE through LegalSpan. Many of the CompuWorks computer classes this fall will begin with the Microsoft application basics requested by our members. Your many suggestions in the evaluations of the Casemaker training put us in touch with your needs for computer training.

Also, we are introducing LegalAdvantage from CT Source. LegalAdvantage is a state-of-the art business telephone system. You'll see that this telephony service will make your practice more cost effective. See a complete guide to this service on page 6.

These two products are only the beginning. Every month we aim to introduce you to another "tool" in the Legal Tech Toolbox that will help us to help you build a solid foundation in the value of your membership. Keep watching for news of additional tools. Discussions are already underway with several additional companies.

I also wanted to let you know that we will shortly be kicking off a "Recruit A Member Campaign." We already know that nothing means more to a lawyer than to hear from a peer why they should join the MBA. We want to recognize all of you for the work you do to bring in new members. Watch for additional details in the near future.

Finally, as we launch a new year, I want to take a moment to publicly acknowledge the enormous effort that MBA staff put in on your behalf. We have worked hard all summer to make sure that this membership year is the most rewarding for all of you yet. And none of this is the work of just one person. Even the columns I write, though they come out under my name, often have significant contributions from others on the staff. We will strive to make this the best year ever for you. Please let us know how we are doing!