New MassBar Beat episodes examine federal and state court rules

Thursday, March 29, 2018

MassBarBeatTwo new MassBar Beat podcast episodes are now available, featuring a pair of episodes on state and federal court rules. Recorded for an attorney audience, both podcasts are available now under the playlist: “Mass. Practice Primer: Federal & State Court Rules Made Easy.”

In the new podcasts, Thomas M. Bond, chair of the Massachusetts Bar Association's Judicial Administration Section, talks with host Jordan Rich about the ins and outs of practicing in U.S. District Court (federal) and Mass. Superior Court (state), and offers valuable insights on the rules and etiquette for each. Massachusetts Bar Association members can also access related materials on the topic in the Judicial Administration library on My Bar Access.

In “ABCs of Federal Court Rules and Practice in Mass,” the first episode of the two-part series, listeners will learn about the benefits of having their case in federal court, get an overview of some of the most important rules, and hear insights on courtroom etiquette.


In “ABCs of State Superior Court Rules and Practice in Mass.,” the second episode in the series, listeners will get tips on state court practice in Superior Court, and hear information about recent rule changes and developments in the Trial Court, including voir dire.


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What kind of impression are you giving to a judge or jury at trial - even before you say a word? That's the topic of the newest episode of the MBA's podcast, the MassBar Beat, which is now available.
In  "Mastering the Unspoken Word: Body Language and Nonverbal Communication in Court," I discuss how a lawyer's attire, body language, tone of voice and other nonverbal cues can impact your chances in court. I invite you to join me as I talk about tips for success, including some of the key takeaways from Sonya Hamlin's book, "Now, What Makes Juries Listen."
Listen to the MassBar Beat for free on iTunes and SoundCloud. Better yet, subscribe so you don't miss a "Beat."
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