MBA Lawyers Eco-Challenge Eco-Tips

Issue September 2008

Tips are published each week in MBA
Lawyers e-Journal.

Energy conservation

Turn off your personal digital assistant device when it is charging in its holder to save on energy consumption. The device will still receive a charge. To synchronize the device with your computer, turn it on for a few minutes before removing it from its holder. Eco-conscious purchases

Choose your office envelopes wisely.

Avoid using envelopes with covered windows, wherever possible, in order to enhance their ability to be recycled.

Use adhesives on envelopes and mailing labels only if they are water-based and do not contain chlorinated organic compounds, many of which are toxic chemicals.

When choosing printer cartridges, consider buying those with toner powder derived from soybeans.  


Reuse as many office supplies as possible several times before ordering brand new items. Here are some ideas:

  • Ship packages in boxes you receive at your office;
  • Mail letters and paperwork in envelopes sent to you; and
  • Place new files in old manila file folders.

Sustainable practices

Make environmentally-friendly purchases when selecting office supplies.

When looking to redecorate your office, opt for refurbished office equipment instead of always buying new.

When possible, buy rechargeable batteries to power office devices such as cameras and calculators.

Cut down on the amount of printer toner you use by reducing the contrast setting on your computer and printer.