Esteemed leaders advise MBA’s Diversity Task Force

Issue February 2008

The Diversity Think Tank/Strategic Planning Group, an advisory group to the MBA’s Diversity Task Force, assembled Jan. 17 at the MBA’s Boston headquarters. The group meets annually to advise the task force on relevant issues related to promoting diversity in the legal profession.

Much of the evening’s discussion centered on developing ways to increase representation of people with diverse backgrounds at every level: in the pipeline coming into the legal profession; in the general membership of the MBA; and in MBA leadership positions. The dinner guests also explored methods to identify the demographic composition of the profession. Another topic of discussion focused on the different opportunities available for partnering with minority bar associations across the state.

Task Force Co-chair and MBA Treasurer Valerie A. Yarashus updated the think tank on the Diversity Essay Scholarship program, which will reach out to diverse groups of youth across the Bay State. She also reported on the new monthly leadership roundtables, which are open to officers, members of the Executive Management Board, section council chairs and members of the Diversity Task Force.