Issue December/January 2008


Energy conservation
  1. Keep air vents clear of paper, files and office supplies. It takes as much as 25 percent more energy to pump air into the workspace if vents are blocked.

  2. Minimize the need to heat and cool your office by making sure windows and doors are properly insulated. Place weather stripping and caulk around all windows and doors.
Paper reduction
  1. Change the way you think about printing:
    • Do you really need a hard copy of it? Can you save the message/attachments instead?
    • Instead of printing a Web page, bookmark it or save the page.
    • Proof the document on screen before printing.
  2. Save paper by trading in your paper Post-it notes for the digital version. The makers of the Post-it, 3M, have created Post-it Digital Notes.

  3. Consider alternatives to paper made from trees: Purchase paper created from hemp, bamboo or organic cotton.

  4. Cut down on the use of paper towels in bathrooms by installing air dryers or reusable towels.
Sustainable practices
  1. Take your own travel coffee mug with you when buying take out coffee.

  2. Consider how your work wardrobe and the way it is cleaned impacts the environment.
    • Purchase clothing and accessories made with organic or recycled fibers;
    • Buy vintage or gently used clothing;
    • Avoid clothes that need to be dry cleaned;
    • If you must use a dry cleaner, choose a “green” business; and 
    • Donate old clothes instead of throwing them away.
  3. Save ink by altering your printing habits:
    • Avoid printing in color when you can and opt for black and white only; and
    • Use draft mode to print items in a lighter shade using less ink.

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