Thank you for the opportunity of a lifetime

Issue August 2005 By Kathleen M. O'Donnell

Thank you for allowing me to serve as president of the Massachusetts Bar Association. Speaking as a representative of lawyers in Massachusetts has been an honor. Weighing in on behalf of lawyers on the many important issues confronting our profession presented me with the opportunity of a lifetime. I shall be grateful forever to all those who made this year possible:

Thank you, Ed Ryan, for getting me into this and for showing me the way.

Thank you to the many past MBA leaders who graciously answered my calls for help and who shared their wisdom.

Thank you to the unbelievable number of volunteer members who did the real, substantive work this year.

Thank you to our phenomenal MBA staff. We are so lucky to have each and every one of you. Your dedication to our association and to our goals is much appreciated.

Thank you to Marty Healy — my friend and advisor.

Thank you to everyone at the Marcotte Law Firm who has supported me through my many bar association endeavors. Special thanks to my friend of over 20 years, Mike Najjar, and to my mentor and surrogate father, Al Marcotte. This really has been a team effort.

The MBA is now in the hands of an extraordinary group of talented and dedicated individuals: Warren Fitzgerald, Mark Mason, Edward McIntyre, Valerie Yarashus, David White-Lief and Denise Squillante. Good luck and carpe diem!