Massachusetts Bar Association welcomes new members

Issue August 2005

Jonathan C. Ames of Gosule, Butkus & Jesson, LLP

Mark W. Barrett of Barrett & Barrett, PC

Joseph S. Beazley of Law Office of Joseph S. Beazley

Cheryl D. Bezis of Law Office of Cheryl D. Bezis

Charles A. Bookman of Law Office of Charles A.

Rebecca L. Bouchard of Bingham McCutchen, LLP

Lisa J. Campbell of Campbell Law Office

Rosemary A. Catrina

Kathleen M. Chaloux of Massachusetts Water Resources Authority

Robert Harry Clewell of Rossman & Rossman

Andrew David Crawley of The Law Office of Andrew D. Crawley

Patricia A. Crockett

Julie S. Crozier of City, Hayes & Dissette, PC

Audrey J. Doyle

Joseph L. Duffy of Law Office of Richard M. Russell

Patricia M. Dunn

Al Esposito of Law Office of Al Esposito

Theresa L. Gomes of Attorney Theresa L. Gomes

Mark J. Gromala

Sean K. Gusmini of All American

Pierce J. Haley of Tevnan & Tevnan

Michael J. Hayes of Hayes & Hayes

Matthew A. Henning of Morrison Mahoney, LLP

Lynn D. Holdsworth of Law Office of Lynn D. Holdsworth

Mary Teresa Hornby of Abbott Capital Management, LLC

Ethan H. Jessup of Shepard S. Johnson Jr. & Associates

Mary Anne Johnson

John D. Keenan of Law Office of John D. Keenan

Thomas A. Kenefick, III of Law Office of Thomas A. Kenefick III, PC

Lucia R. Lawson of Wolpoff & Abramson, LLP

Peter J. Martino, Jr. of Law Office of Peter J. Martino, Jr.

Melissa E. Mason Shea of Sullivan Hayes & Quinn

John P. McGonagle of Law Office of John P. McGonagle

Jonathan P. Michaud

Jonathan J. Moriarty of Jonathan J. Moriarty, Esq.

Patrick Joseph Mulroney of Commonwealth of
Massachusetts-Human Resources Department

George Mumford, Jr.

Amy Katherine Newman of Ryan & Faenza

Mary Ellen Neylon of O’Neill & Neylon

Robert T. Norton of Sloane & Walsh, LLP

Deborah Nowell

Christopher Y. Okumura of Beacon Capital Partners, LLC

Christopher Parkerson

Kevin M. Plante of Hinckley Allen & Snyder, LLP

Elizabeth Ponce

Michael J. Powers of Powers Law Office, PC

Neil J. Roberts of Orleans Legal Assoc.

Bradford H. Roberts of Law Office of Bradford H. Roberts

Andrew J. Rogers, Jr. of Rogers & Rogers

Susan E. Rous of Susan E. Rous Attorney at Law

Andrea Beth Schein

Michael F. Schulz of Law Office of Albert J. Schulz

Cecile T. Scofield of Slades Ferry Bank

Honor Kerry Segal of Segal, Judge & Associates

Andrea J. Serlin of Tevnan & Tevnan

Edward D. Shoulkin of Taylor Duane Barton & Gilman, LLP

Annie Singh of JRI Health Law Institute

Charles R. Tevnan of Tevnan & Tevnan

Andrew A. Toldo of Wynn & Wynn, PC

Kenneth D. Wacks of Wacks & McHale

Shawn A. Williams of PFPC, Inc.