CJAM announces priorities to Delegates

Issue Februray 2004

Chief Justice for Administration and Management Robert Mulligan outlines his priorities for the trial court during the House of Delegates meeting.
Chief Justice for Administration and Management Robert Mulligan has identified three priorities the trial court will undertake during his tenure at the helm.

Mulligan announced those priorities while speaking on the state of the trial court to MBA members gathered Thursday, Jan. 22 for the House of Delegates meeting at Annual Conference 2004.

Mulligan, who delivered his first speech to the HOD after becoming CJAM in October, said he wants to develop time standards for the civil and criminal courts, create a court staffing model and initiate performance evaluations for individual units of the trial court.

Work is already underway on the time standards and court-staffing model and will begin later on the performance evaluations, Mulligan said.

In his first months as CJAM, Mulligan has visited judges throughout the state who oversee a variety of courts, from Land Court to Housing Court, and is also often holding meetings outside of Boston so the trial court does not appear "metrocentric."

"People are very appreciative," Mulligan said. "I can't tell you how many times people have told me this is the first time the CJAM has (made this visit)."

Another issue keeping Mulligan busy is the implementation of MassCourts, a new automated comprehensive and integrated case management system. As part of that, Mulligan is concentrating on how to interface the trial court's system with other state agencies such as the Registry of Motor Vehicles and Department of Revenue.