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Thursday, March 24, 2022
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Strong visual representation of client harm is a key component of many personal injury cases. Whether print or digital, well-lit, high-definition professional photographs are a must in claims stage, mediation and at trial. 

A cell phone or point and shoot camera used by an amateur in available light is one thing. However, the true gold standard is images created by an expert using hi-res cameras, macro close-up lenses and studio lighting. A professional photographer brings the instincts, sharp eye and equipment needed to fully and accurately represent disfigurements for which compensation is warranted. Well-lit photographs convey form, texture, scale and coloration — significant features of understanding an injury.
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Over time, lawyers have hired Jeff Thiebauth to document injuries that run the gamut from egregious to subtle and everything in between. The less defined the scarring or disfigurement is, the more crucial the photographer’s skill set becomes in presenting the injury. Hi-res cameras, macro close-up lenses and, most importantly, a thorough understanding and mastery of lighting, can produce vivid images that fully highlight virtually any type of burn, puncture, malformation or scar. Off-axis lighting and close-up lenses can help visually present even the subtlest of injuries.

Clearly, being photographed in this type of situation can be awkward and personal. As private areas of the client’s body must sometimes be documented, anxiety often enters the equation. It is at this time that the photographer must be most perceptive and do his or her best to maintain calm and instill confidence in a situation that can be somewhat unsettling for the aggrieved.

Time and time again, Jeff has received feedback from attorneys indicating that professionally photographed injuries have been a powerful tool in returning favorable judgments for clients.

We live in a visual world. So... why use anyone less than an experienced personal injury photographer to handle this critical component of your case?

More than once Jeff has brought his talented eye to photographing scarring caused by personal injuries. I never cease to be impressed by the positive comments from my clients concerning the sensitive, professional manner in which Jeff handles this difficult area of photography.

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