Todd & Weld LLP celebrates 25 years of superior trial advocacy

Issue November/December 2017

What types of law does your firm handle?
Todd & Weld LLP is a trial firm that handles virtually all types of litigation, arbitration, mediation, and dispute resolution. Areas of expertise include commercial litigation, including business, real estate and labor and employment; civil rights law; construction litigation; family law and related litigation; First Amendment and media law; government investigations and criminal defense; medical negligence; and personal injury law.

Any particular areas of law where the firm has made a name for itself?
We are a firm of trial lawyers. Our mark has been made in notable courtroom battles involving civil and criminal cases, and over the years we have obtained on behalf of clients numerous substantial verdicts and noteworthy appellate rulings.

What firm attribute do clients find most attractive?
We are dedicated to providing the highest level of litigation advocacy at a reasonable cost.

Briefly describe a recent “win” or client success story that the firm is proud of?
We have obtained numerous recent successful results for clients, some of which include obtaining a $4 million medical malpractice verdict in Norfolk Superior Court (Whiting v. Sikka, et al.); persuading the Supreme Judicial Court on behalf of a client to reverse summary judgment in a precedential legal malpractice matter (Kiribati Seafood Co. v. Dechert LLP); persuading the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals to issue a precedential ruling defining the limits of appellate review of a remand order related to patent counterclaims (Preston, et al. v. Nagel, et al.); obtaining a rare dismissal of a first degree murder charge (Commonwealth v. McCarthy); and obtaining an acquittal in a federal court criminal case involving a pain medicine doctor targeted for violations of federal drug laws (United States v. Dr. Joseph Zolot).

Describe a recent pro bono project the firm has undertaken.

Todd & Weld attorneys regularly undertake a variety of pro bono matters, including important civil rights cases. One important recent case involved the siting of an Islamic cemetery in Dudley. Attorneys from the firm represented the Islamic Society of Greater Worcester and facilitated a settlement of the contentious dispute. Our Family Law attorneys work on a variety of pro bono matters, including participating in Lawyer for a Day programs in the Probate & Family Court, participating in the Attorneys Representing Children (ARC) program, and acting as divorce conciliators.

Is your firm regularly active with any charitable or civic organization outside of the MBA?
Many of our lawyers are active with charitable and civic organizations reflecting diverse interests and demonstrating a commitment to giving back to the community, including church-related leadership positions; Health Law Advocates, Inc.; Massachusetts Children Trust; Transformative Culture Project; Featherstone Center for the Arts; Copley Society of Art; Austin Jones Foundation; J. Owen Todd Charitable Foundation; Project Adventure, Inc.; and Donald A. Towle Foundation.

Anything to announce in the coming year?
Founded in 1992, to be a superior trial advocacy firm, Todd & Weld is celebrating the firm’s 25-year anniversary. We are proud of the team that has successfully achieved that mission for 25 years.

Name at least one fact about the firm that people might be surprised to learn?
Todd & Weld has two past presidents of the MBA in its partnership ranks (Elaine Epstein and Jeffrey Catalano), and four fellows in the American College of Trial Lawyers.

Why is it important to have all the lawyers in your firm members of the MBA?
The MBA membership is essential to the professional growth for our lawyers. It offers an array of opportunities to stay current on substantive law, establish strong professional ties with fellow members of the bar, support collegiality, develop leadership skills, and have input on important issues impacting the bar and society as a whole.

In what way(s) do you find the MBA beneficial to the lawyers in your firm?
Many of our firm’s attorneys are deeply dedicated to the MBA in terms of being a part of numerous section councils and arranging or attending panel discussions and seminars. We find that the MBA, as the preeminent voice of the legal profession, weighs in and takes a leadership role on many important matters that benefit our clients and the profession as a whole, including not just legal education, but its stance on matters that affect access to justice. In that role, the MBA has served the interest of many of our clients through its advocacy for a fairer and just legal system, whether that is in the arena of criminal justice reform or with regard to trial procedures such as voir dire and other legislation to improve the lives of our citizens. It also serves an important role in ensuring that our judges and attorneys are the most professional, qualified, and dedicated in the entire country. We feel very fortunate to have the MBA work tirelessly to improve our commonwealth and feel privileged to have our attorneys be a part of that.

Are there any specific MBA programs you find particularly helpful to your firm?
The MBA provides so many useful programs during the year that it is hard to highlight any one particular program. We encourage the MBA to aggressively get the word out to its members via all possible means so that more people can take advantage of the free CLE offerings and other great events.

What would you like to see more of at the MBA?
Keep it up! We appreciate the MBA’s ongoing advocacy on all justice related matters and its efforts to educate the bench and bar on advances and challenges in the legal profession. We also appreciate that it strives to make practicing law more enjoyable and collegial through its many social events. We hope that continued outreach to younger lawyers will grow its ranks.

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