Esdaile, Barrett, Jacobs & Mone: A legacy of top verdicts and groundbreaking cases

Issue March/April 2016

Esdaile, Barrett, Jacobs & Mone has a well-earned reputation as one of Boston's most successful firms. A longtime supporter of the Massachusetts Bar Association, the firm has also produced several MBA leaders, including Michael E. Mone, a past president. Lawyers Journal recently caught up with attorney Patricia L. Kelly to talk about the firm and its still-active commitment to the MBA.

Just the facts

Firm Name: Esdaile, Barrett, Jacobs & Mone

Year founded: 1938

Location: Boston

Number of attorneys: 12

What types of law does Esdaile, Barrett, Jacobs & Mone handle?

We handle a broad-spectrum of civil litigation, ranging from complex tort and matrimonial law to business litigation.

In what areas of law has the firm made a name for itself?

The firm is most well known for its success in representing plaintiffs in catastrophic personal injury and medical malpractice cases, and in representing high net worth clients in matrimonial law matters. We have obtained some of the largest verdicts and settlements in the state, and we have established the law in the appellate courts of Massachusetts in groundbreaking cases, such as the case that adopted the discovery rule for determining when a cause of action accrues in a medical malpractice action and for bringing M.G.L. c. 93A cases against an insurance company for unfair claims settlement practices.

What firm attribute do clients find most attractive?

Our most attractive attribute is clearly the results that we obtain for our clients, whether by jury verdict, settlement, arbitrator's award or mediation. We take great pride in achieving these results without compromising our integrity and civility.

Describe a recent pro bono project the firm has undertaken.

Michael E. Mone has worked pro bono for years, representing lawyers and judges accused of misconduct and other professional lapses.

In addition, Michael E. Mone Jr. spent 10 years representing two Guantanamo Bay detainees on a pro bono basis. He worked relentlessly to free the men who had been imprisoned for years by the U.S. government, without charge or trial. He was finally able to persuade Ireland and Uruguay to accept his clients for resettlement.

What's one thing about the firm that people might be surprised to learn?

Earlier in his career, Norman Jacobs represented a number of rock and roll bands when they were first starting out, including AC/DC and local rock legends Aerosmith.

Why is it important to have all the lawyers in your firm members of the MBA?

The high quality educational offerings are one of the primary reasons that it is important for the lawyers to become members of the MBA. The seminars and the publications are the best way for a lawyer to keep abreast of changes in the law and to increase their knowledge or skills in a particular area. In addition, the MBA provides networking opportunities for lawyers to meet and stay connected with other lawyers in every area of the law.

Lawyers throughout the state, the judiciary and the public all look to the MBA and rely on the MBA to promote the efficient administration of justice. Members of our firm have taken leadership roles in the MBA to help shape the direction of MBA that help achieve that goal.

Are there any specific MBA programs you find particularly helpful to your firm?

The MBA Bench/Bar programs are very informative, as it is always very interesting to hear from judges concerning their view of trial practice and new developments in the law.


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