Employment conference touches broad base of current topics

Issue May 2014

The 35th Annual Labor and Employment Law Spring Conference took place on Thursday, April 24. Conference co-chair Meghan H. Slack said conference attendees "received a broad base of information on issues ranging from the employer mandate in the ACA to a 'view from the bench' from former District Judge Nancy Gertner," who delivered remarks to open the event.

Now retired from the bench and working as a Harvard Law School professor, Gertner's keynote offered a glimpse into the subject of her forthcoming book by describing a behind-the-scenes look at the federal court and how non-ideological pressures, such as the Civil Justice Reform Act, have affected judges' abilities to resolve cases. Gertner also discussed "the vanishing trial," and how private mediation and arbitration has reduced the amount of public law in certain areas.

The well-attended conference went on for about four and half hours, and in addition to Gertner's remarks attendees were presented with a vast array of information on cutting edge labor and employment law issues.