Use holidays to jump start your marketing

Issue November 2013 By Damian J. Turco

One excuse we use to avoid marketing to former and current clients, referring attorneys and business contacts is that we don't know what to say. With the advent of the electronic newsletter, we can easily send professional and eye-catching messages to hundreds or thousands of contacts for $30 (or less) a month. Why do we avoid this exercise? Aside for the (minimal) time commitment, the major reason is that we don't want to distribute what might be perceived as useless content. Sending a message that lacks appeal risks annoying the reader and demoting consumer perception of your brand. I agree; we don't want that.

Fortunately, this fall season brings with it several holidays which tend to be perceived as legitimate reasons to reach out to contacts of all sorts. Every contact will not relate to every message, but the beauty of holiday communications is that you get credit for simply thinking of them. What specifically to talk about? There are countless possibilities, but let's talk through a few specific ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

Halloween: We just wrapped up another year dressing our kids up as monsters, princesses and the super hero of the year and sending them door-to-door asking strangers for candy. It sounds like the kind of holiday for which safety tips would be handy. Think ahead for next year. The topical personal injury attorney newsletter provides safety tips for families as well as drivers. The family law attorney provides guidance on what to do when the former spouse wants to take the kids to his or her neighborhood. The estate planning attorney points out that it's difficult to update an estate plan when you're a ghost or skeleton, so do it now!

Thanksgiving: Turkey, pie, football and naps. What's not to love? But how does one make it resonate with the contact list? All attorneys can express their thanks for the trust instilled by their contacts over the past year. The bankruptcy attorney may provide tips on saving money through the holidays. The criminal attorney may remind his contacts of the legal alcohol driving limit and to how many drinks that typically translates. The immigration lawyer can provide guidance on the historical significance of the holiday and how it might be asked about on a citizenship test.

The New Year: A time for goal setting and fresh starts. What better time for the business lawyer to remind his contacts that it's much easier to engage the attorney when the contact is entered into, rather than when there's a dispute. Or for the tax attorney to summarize new tax laws and the corresponding benefits and pitfalls to consider in the new year.

Any lawyer can capitalize on our annual custom of setting resolutions. But why wait until 2014? Start now and keep it going. People like celebrating the holidays, and when you associate your practice, they'll feel more positively about you, too!

Damian Turco owns Mass Injury Firm PC, a Boston-based personal injury law firm, representing the victims of negligence across Massachusetts. Damian is the vice chair of the Law Practice Management Section Council and is a regular presenter at MBA CLE courses.