Issue November 2013

Tiered Community Mentoring: 'one open door led to another'

Loren Forbes had wanted to be a lawyer since the age of 17, but then life got in the way. Fortunately, he got what he calls a "second chance" to pursue his calling.

Forbes is an active participant in the Tiered Community Mentoring Program (TCM), now in its fifth year.

Bench-bar unity: 'get it,' together

Improving the public perception of lawyers first requires the public's confidence in the legal system. That responsibility falls on us, as lawyers and judges, to work together. While the extent of positive cooperation and communication between bench and bar today is unprecedented, our collective future depends not only on how we work together, but how the public sees us doing so. The good news is we're taking steps to get there.

Ireland lauds brighter picture for courts as he nears retirement

Addressing the legal community at the Massachusetts Bar Association's Bench-Bar Symposium on Oct. 16, Supreme Judicial Court (SJC) Chief Justice Roderick L. Ireland - who is nearing the mandatory retirement age of 70 - announced he will step down sometime within the next year.

MBA president-elect testifies at workers' compensation hearing

Massachusetts Bar Association President-elect Marsha V. Kazarosian testified last month in support of MBA-backed legislation increasing burial benefits covered by workers' compensation from $4,000 to $8,000.