Letter to the editor

Issue October 2011

Editor's note: The following is a letter sent by attorney Steven E. Kramer to MBA President Richard P. Campbell, printed here with their permission.

Sept. 9, 2011

Dear Attorney Campbell:

Typically, when I receive the Massachusetts Lawyers Journal, I briefly skim through the articles and look for familiar faces in the photographs. Fortunately, that was not the case with the September 2011 issue received yesterday.

Both the President's View and the story written by Mr. Archambeault contained refreshing perspectives about a leader who is mindful of not only the day-to-day struggles of a litigation attorney but the systemic challenges facing the profession. Too many leaders, in both the public and private sector, bemoan existing problems but fail to demonstrate either the motivation or intellectual capacity to understand them or seek solutions.

Your message, which covered a host of contemporary issues facing the Bar, evidences a refreshing approach to addressing these problems. Your endorsement by my friend and colleague John Blodgett provides proof of your commitment to work on solutions.

At the beginning of your "View" column, you quoted a short passage from my favorite speech, RFK's Day of Affirmation. The speech contains many memorable passages some of which are included in the tribute by Ted Kennedy in his eulogy for RFK. The most notable quote is at the end when he describes RFK as one who didn't just see things as they were and say why, but rather dreamed things that never were and said why not.

To the degree that you take that approach in seeking solutions for some of the problems you describe in your article, you'll make a unique contribution to a beleaguered profession. I enjoyed reading about your commitment to try and do so.

Very truly yours,

Steven E. Kramer