Law Day program brings students from all over Mass

Issue June 2011

Students at high schools in Fall River, Springfield and Worcester participated in the Massachusetts Bar Association's Law Day Initiative focused on the topic: "Freedom of Speech on the Internet" throughout the Month of May.

"This unique program is an important addition to the high school curriculum because it provides young people with a strong awareness of the law and its impact on society," MBA President Denise Squillante said. "We are so thankful for the numerous attorneys and judges who have generously donated their time to make this program a reality."

Volunteer attorney/judge teams from the MBA visited classes at each school and encouraged students to:

  • Consider the scope of their right to free speech outside and inside schools;
  • Apply the free speech concept to student use of the Internet; and
  • Deliberate whether, and to what degree, there should be limits on children's use in public libraries.

The participating schools were

  • High School of Commerce, Springfield
  • Springfield Central High School, Springfield
  • Renaissance School, Springfield
  • Claremont Academy, Worcester
  • The University Park Campus School, Worcester
  • Worcester Technical High School, Worcester
  • South High School, Worcester
  • North High School, Worcester
  • Burncoat High School, Worcester
  • Doherty High School, Worcester
  • B.M.C. Durfee, Fall River

The MBA is appreciative of the Massachusetts Judges Conference for its assistance with recruiting volunteer judges for this endeavor. Participating judges were:

  • Hon. Philip A. Contant, presiding justice, Westfield District Court
  • Hon. Martha P. Grace (ret.), chief justice, Massachusetts Juvenile Court
  • Hon. Margaret Guzman, associate justice, Dudley District Court
  • Hon. William P. Hadley, associate justice, Springfield District Court
  • Hon. Mark Mason, associate justice, Springfield District Court
  • Hon. David Ricciardone, associate justice, Worcester Superior Court
  • Hon. Raymond P. Veary, associate justice, New Bedford Superior Court

Law Day is a national day of celebration in May focusing on the United States' heritage of liberty under law and recognizing its role in our daily lives. Celebratory events are often held throughout the month of May. President Dwight D. Eisenhower gave Law Day its name by declaration in 1958.