MBA benefits help manage, advance your career

Issue March 2006

The Massachusetts Bar Association offers you an unparalleled package of benefits, programs and opportunities.

Keeping Current

Each year, members receive preferred pricing on more than 90 Continuing Legal Education seminars concentrating on recent cases, new legislation, emerging legal trends or new rules of practice and procedure. Through these programs, practitioners are able to keep current in all areas of law, as well as their chosen specialties.

Each month, members receive a copy of Lawyers Journal, especially produced for the MBA members and covering professional news and association happenings.

Each week, e-Journal is sent to members electronically, providing more pressing news to members right at their desktops.

In addition, members automatically receive a subscription to the MBA’s two quarterly publications — Massachusetts Law Review and Section Review.

Plus, members have unlimited access to the Web-based Casemaker Online Law Library, a powerful search engine built into an extensive library of case law, rules, opinions and other information relevant to the practice of law.

Career Advancement

Newly practicing lawyers have the opportunity to pair up with more seasoned attorneys as part of the Mentor Program. In addition to participants’ ongoing interaction over the phone, programs are arranged several times a year to address issues facing newer attorneys.

Attorneys looking to increase their referrals and expand their client base may elect to participate in the MBA’s Lawyer Referral Service (LRS). In order to qualify for referrals from the LRS, attorneys must be a member of the MBA, in good standing with the Board of Bar Overseers and carry an appropriate level of professional liability insurance coverage.