Notable & Quotable: MBA members in the news and more

Thursday, Dec. 7, 2023


  • "Agreement to settle partition case severs joint tenancy," Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly (Dec. 4). MBA member Thomas M. Looney commented on a Supreme Judicial Court decision that an agreement to settle a partition proceeding was sufficient to sever a joint tenancy.

  • "Texas company, CEO must face wage claims in Massachusetts," Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly (Dec. 4). MBA member David E. Belfort discussed a U.S. District Court decision that a Texas company and its CEO can face Wage Act Claims in Massachusetts even though three agreements with a Massachusetts-based employee contain forum selection clauses and choice-of-law provisions favoring Texas.

  • "SJC to decide whether alimony may include ‘savings’ award," Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly (Dec. 4). MBA Family Law Section Council member Jared D. Spinelli and MBA members Elaine M. Epstein and Lori S. Johnson discussed a Supreme Judicial Court case involving whether a judge can consider an asserted need to save for future expenses in determining an award of spousal support.

  • "Ex-wife’s hatchet attack excuses husband’s performance under separation agreement," Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly (Dec. 4). MBA Family Law Section Council Chair Marc A. Moccia and MBA member Timothy D. Braughler commented on an Appeals Court decision that a man whose ex-wife attacked him with a hatchet was excused from making further payments under a separation agreement.

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