Notable & Quotable: MBA members in the media

Thursday, Mar. 20, 2014

Notable & Quotable


Conflict in Turkey

Notable Cordy

"As we know from our own history, and as the international community has come to recognize, a justice system operating without fear or favor, ensuring that the law is applied equally and fairly to all, often depends on the courage and independence of judicial institutions and the people who operate within them."

Massachusetts' Supreme Judicial Court Associate Justice Robert J. Cordy, Boston Herald, March 20

Cordy penned a Boston Herald Op-Ed piece about the conflict between the  prime minister and the judiciary of Turkey, who are at odds over the "future of justice in a country that had been making important progress toward fully embracing rule-of-law principles, the doctrine of separation of powers, respect for human rights, and the importance of a modern and independent judiciary."


Landmark Workers' Compensation ruling for nonprofits

Notable Kazarosian

"The court was applying what the law basically says, and that just because you're a charitable organization, your directors cannot not be considered employers as it applies to worker's comp."

MBA President-elect Marsha V. Kazarosian,, March 17

In a landmark ruling last week for Massachusetts nonprofits, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court dismissed a lawsuit brought against the North Suffolk Mental Health Association's Board of Directors. The ruling held that boards of directors of nonprofits are considered employers of record with regard to the state's workers' compensation law, similar to for-profit organizations.


Sex offender's lottery funds

Notable Elikann

"This sex offender is still facing a great deal of jeopardy. Clearly, any crime victim can sue the victimizer, and now what's left of his $10 million is ripe for being grabbed in a lawsuit."

MBA Past Criminal Justice Section Chair Peter Elikann, Boston Herald, March 18

Elikann spoke to the Boston Herald after a Level 3 sex offender, who won a $10 million lottery fortune, was recently accused of attacking another young boy. The sex offender's lottery funds could be frozen if the victim files a civil lawsuit seeking cash damages.


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