The Uniform Commercial Code celebrates 50 years

Thursday, May. 23, 2013
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From left to right: Francis C. Morrissey and Stephen Y. Chow, former chairs of the MBA's Business Law Section Council and UCC advocates.

On June 13, Boston's legal community will gather at Suffolk Law School to commemorate over 50 years of the Uniform Commercial Code in Massachusetts. Proceeds from the event will benefit the Uniform Law Foundation, the charitable arm of the Uniform Law Commission.

In 1958, Massachusetts became the second state in the country to enact the Uniform Commercial Code. Other states soon followed Massachusetts' lead and enacted the UCC, resulting in a 50-state adoption and the integration of commercial law throughout the United States.

Francis C. Morrissey, a longtime advocate for the UCC and former chairman of the Massachusetts Bar Association's Business Law Section Council said "The UCC event will celebrate Massachusetts' long leadership in commercial law and will bring together legislators, judges, lawyers and academics from across the state and the country. Anyone with an interest in commercial law is strongly encouraged to attend."

The ULC is a 120-year-old national organization with headquarters in Chicago comprised of more than 300 commissioners from legislatures, judicial branches and academia with the goal of drafting and promoting uniforms laws designed to solve problems common in all states.

The Uniform Commercial Code aims to promote legal consistency in commercial transactions across various states. Presently, the ULC has four Massachusetts-based Uniform Law commissioners, including:

  • Martin W. Healy, the MBA's chief legal counsel and chief operating officer;
  • Stephen Y. Chow, partner, Burns & Levinson LLP;
  • Edwin E. Smith, partner, Bingham McCutchen LLP; and
  • Robert Sitkoff, professor, Harvard Law School.