Comments from the Chair

Issue Vol. 9 No. 1 January 2007 By Jeff Catalano

One of the keys to a successful committee is providing opportunities for members to be engaged in meaningful projects that are substantial and rewarding. 

In that regard, our section council has wasted no time in getting off the ground this year. Our main projects in the works include: writing several articles for this Section Review; composing a major amicus brief on behalf of the MBA; planning volunteer opportunities such as assisting the legal needs of the homeless; arranging several CLE events, including an upcoming brown bag lunch and the Health Law Conference; assisting in the creation of an updated book on judicial preferences; and forming a subcommittee to address debtor/creditor rights. (Whew!)

The only reason we are able to accomplish this is because we have a council that consists of 15 very dedicated, hardworking members. However, let’s face it, we all have jobs (and lives) outside the MBA and our council could use help with each of the above projects.

Therefore, I reach out to all of the members of the MBA who are part of the Civil Litigation Section and ask you to contact us if one or more of the above projects sound interesting to you. We could really use your help. There are approximately 5,000 of you – the largest section within the MBA. While I don’t want all of you rushing the MBA office at once, if just 1 percent of this group sought to get involved, we could tackle all of these projects (and more) with ease.