Sweeney Merrigan partners with Lyft on sober ride home program

Issue January/February 2016

In an innovative way to raise awareness of drunk driving and prevent it from occurring, Boston firm Sweeney Merrigan Law partnered with ridesharing service Lyft to provide $5,000 worth of rides to Boston-area residents who pledged not to drink and drive on New Year's Eve.

The firm gave out 333 Lyft discount codes valued at $15 per code to those who signed up online at and took the pledge. The pledge webpage was left open after all the discount codes had been provided and more than 600 people submitted pledges to not drink and drive.

Sweeney Merrigan specializes in personal injury cases, so this initiative aligns well with the firm's overall mission.

"As personal injury attorneys, so much of our practice involves community safety. With every case we work on there's always some sort of unnecessary and otherwise preventable injury," said firm partner and Massachusetts Bar Association member J. Tucker Merrigan. "Nowhere is it more apparent than in alcohol-related cases. For us, this is a charitable endeavor that directly coincides with the backbone of our practice."

Based on the overwhelming success of the Sober Ride Home Program in its first year, the firm plans to make it an annual initiative.