The MBA in pictures

Issue November 2004

Past presidents of the MBA gathered on Oct. 18 in Boston for their annual dinner. Pictured from left are: Alice E. Richmond (1986-87), Paul R. Sugarman (1976-77), Raymond J. Kenney Jr. (1977-78), Kenneth J. Vacovec (1996-97), Roy A. Hammer (1978-79), Edward P. Ryan, Jr. (2000-01), Kay H. Hodge (1994-95), James S. Dilday (1995-96), Marylin A. Beck (1997-98), Elaine M. Epstein (1992-93), President-Elect Warren F. Fitzgerald, President Kathleen M. O'Donnell, Secretary Katherine H. Hesse, Vice President Mark D. Mason, Camille F. Sarrouf (1998-99), and Richard C. Van Nostrand (2003-04).

Happy Anniversary! - Systems Analyst Holly Rice celebrated five years of service to the Massachusetts Bar Association in October. This month also marks the fifth anniversary for MBA Lawyers Referral Service/Public Service Coordinator Alissa Breitstein (not pictured).

The jumbo scoreboard sign at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro heralded the year's first meeting of the MBA House of Delegates on Sept. 29. The agenda included appointments to the Executive Management Board and a spirited discussion of the bar advocates' pay issue.