Issue December 2003

Goodridge decision 'fascinating' say MBA officers

Hailing the Supreme Judicial Court's decision declaring unconstitutional the state's ban on same-sex marriage, MBA leaders said they believe the landmark decision leaves little to no room for opponents to legislatively prevent such unions.

HOD approves courts report, 'anniversary fee' challenge

A report by the Court Study Task Force, action on the so-called "anniversary fee" and approval of this year's Access to Justice Award winners topped the agenda for the Nov. 13 meeting of the MBA House of Delegates in Worcester.

Local, specialty bar leaders gather for first-ever institute

More than 40 executive directors and other leaders representing 20 local and specialty bars across Massachusetts gathered on Oct. 31 for the first MBA Bar Leadership Institute.

SJC Marshall
SJC Chief Justice Margaret H. Marshall addresses the MBA Bar Leadership Institute.

Woman settles medical malpractice case for $1 million

A woman referred to her attorney through the MBA's Lawyer Referral Service recently received a $1 million settlement after enduring a horrific illness allegedly resulting from surgery.

Atty. Clyde D. Bergstresser represented the woman who sued her attending gynecologist, a medical resident and a radiologist by alleging that doctors' mistakes during an unnecessary hysterectomy led her to becoming severely ill with a flesh-eating bacteria.

'Barman' offers humorous, true look at the birth of a lawyer

How does one become an attorney? No, this is not the beginning of a lawyer joke. Nor am I speaking of the specific requirements needed to become a lawyer. Take the LSAT. Go to law school. Pass the Bar. Get sworn in. Now you are an attorney. I'm talking about that intangible thing that happens to you as a person during this process, when suddenly you feel that you can honestly say, "Yes, I am an attorney."

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