Issue January/February 2019

January 2019

Finely Slicing the Public’s Interest: SJC Homeowner’s Rehab Case Has Significant Implications for Tax Credit Developers and Syndicators

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court’s decision this past June in the case of Homeowner’s Rehab Inc., et al. v. Related Corporate V SLP LP, et al. is a triumph of public interest jurisprudence. Just as importantly, within the narrow niche of affordable housing practice, it is a far-reaching decision with significant potential implications on the prospects for preserving as affordable housing the 3 million apartments financed with low-income housing tax credits nationwide.

Attorneys as Compliance Officers: Using the Law as a Preventative Measure Instead of a Last Resort

The public’s interaction with attorneys often occurs at moments when there is no other option, and something has happened to create a situation where knowledge of the law, and how to navigate the judicial system, is a necessity. These can be high-pressure moments when a person’s life or livelihood hangs in the balance.

What’s Happening? The Impact of FRE 902(14) on eDiscovery

Be careful what you post on the internet. 

Not everyone listens to this warning, and those who ignore it could see their posts, tweets, shares and likes front and center . . . in court. But how are tweets and other forms of social media admitted into evidence? The answer: Federal Rule of Evidence (FRE) 902(14).