Issue July/August 2016

July 2016

A professional approach to legal investigations

Irrespective of the failure, the pattern of a forensic analysis is well established. While the tests and analyses selected for individual cases can vary widely based upon materials of construction, the overall method of proceeding from naked eye to detailed microscopic examinations remains the same.

Workers' compensation 1991 to date: 25 years in review

Where did all the cases go?

For all those unfamiliar with workers' compensation in Massachusetts, our field has experienced a significant transformation over the past 25 years.

The transformation of civil litigation

Civil litigation in Massachusetts has recently undergone a transformation. Several longstanding initiatives and pilot programs resulted in formal rule changes and new legislation, and a number of new proposals are in the works. While the right to attorney-conducted voir dire and the amended ad damnum statute have been extensively discussed, other changes have received a smaller spotlight. The following is a snapshot of recent efforts by the bench and bar to improve the efficacy of our civil justice system.