Issue October 2013

Creating a visible public presence

The Massachusetts Bar Association has a long history of supporting our judicial system and our communities. And we will continue to build upon our accomplishments this year through my Working Family, Consumer Advocacy and Justice for All initiatives. We know what we've accomplished and what we're capable of. But if we want to do more - and we do - we need to make sure the public understands, as well.

Sheff opens 2013-14 year with vow to reclaim trust in attorneys

In an evening that combined heartfelt admiration with good-natured teasing, more than 100 friends, family members and colleagues gathered on Sept. 12 at the Liberty Hotel in Boston to laud Douglas K. Sheff as president of the Massachusetts Bar Association.

Rick Dyer’s long journey has gone from jail to the bar. Now he seeks the bench.

It's emblematic of Richard J. Dyer's career that more than one of his legal colleagues say that they met him for the first time when he was a defendant. The judge who became one of his first and most crucial advocates was also the first one to put him in jail, and would do so several times.

Chief Justice Ireland to deliver Annual Address at Bench-Bar Symposium

Supreme Judicial Court Chief Justice Roderick L. Ireland will deliver his Annual Address to the Legal Community at the Massachusetts Bar Association's Bench-Bar Symposium. The event will take place at 4 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 16, at the John Adams Courthouse.