Issue December 2013

Clients’ Security Board awards record amount in FY 2013

The Massachusetts Clients' Security Board awarded a record $2.8 million last year to compensate clients whose lawyers defrauded them. It is the largest collective award distributed by the board since the Supreme Judicial Court established it in 1974 for the purpose of awarding full restitution to clients whose in-state attorneys misappropriated their money or property.

During fiscal year 2013, which ran from Sept. 1, 2012, until Aug. 31, 2013, the board adjudicated 83 of the 108 claims it received, resulting in 69 awards issued.

For us, tis the season year-round

Is it me, or do "the holidays" seem to start earlier each year? Of course, what I'm really talking about is holiday marketing, where department stores begin decking their halls for holiday shopping soon after Labor Day. Marketing aside, however, it's hard to deny that there is a little something extra in the air from Thanksgiving through New Year's Day, regardless of one's background or religion.

Relief from the Street

Ruth Bourquin and Liza Hirsch give new meaning to the phrase "emergency assistance."

The pair, attorneys at the Massachusetts Law Reform Institute (MLRI), recently found themselves at South Station at midnight, picking up a family that was planning to spend the night in the bus and train depot. The mother, whom they spoke with earlier in the day after her unsuccessful efforts to obtain emergency shelter, had contacted them to give her family's whereabouts. Alarmingly, she also said a man was offering to give her a ride.

MBA seeks nominations for 2014-15 officer, delegate positions

The Massachusetts Bar Association is currently accepting nominations for officer and delegate positions for the 2014-15 membership year.

Nominees must submit a letter of intent and a current resume to MBA Secretary Christopher A. Kenney by 5 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 21, 2014, to be eligible.