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Issue August 2011

A look back and ahead

I recollect the last 11 months with a sense of pride. The MBA has accomplished much and been front and center on the issues with the highest relevance to the Massachusetts legal community.

It has been a privilege to be at the helm for this year's worth of progress and impact. Many accomplishments were possible thanks to the support and collaboration of MBA volunteers, including my talented and collaborative fellow officers. I could not have done it without them. Thanks also go to the tireless work and support of the MBA staff.

Chief justices warn 2012 budget will force layoffs, court closings

The state's court leaders warned that the recently approved $24.2 million cut to the court system budget is "devastating" and will force layoffs and court closings.

The dire message also included an unusual request that Gov. Deval Patrick stop appointing judges or clerk magistrates for fiscal 2012 -- except in emergencies -- claiming that the shortage of support staff is already "critical," and that for every judge or clerk magistrate appointed, three more staff members will need to be cut.