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Issue June 2008

May HOD meeting highlights ceremonial passing of the gavel, creation of two new sections

Massachusetts Bar Association President David W. White Jr. swiftly led the MBA House of Delegates through a full agenda on May 14 at the Salem Waterfront Hotel. The meeting marked the fifth and final meeting of the House until the new association year begins in September. Sprinkled throughout the business of the meeting were various accolades about White’s many initiatives since he assumed his presidency last September.

Following reports from the officers, MBA Executive Director Marilyn J. Wellington and General Counsel Martin W. Healy, the delegates unanimously approved the creation of the Juvenile and Child Welfare Section, as well as the Immigration Law Section. Prior to Wednesday’s vote, the Juvenile Practice Group existed under the Criminal Justice Section and the Immigration Law Committee was not incorporated into any of the association’s existing sections.

Four Eco-Challenge participants honored for their strides in greening their practices

The work of the Massachusetts Bar Association Energy and Environment Task Force in developing the Green Guidelines and launching the Lawyers Eco-Challenge has been well received by the Massachusetts legal community, with nearly 60 firms and solo practitioners pledging to incorporate more earth-friendly practices into their offices.

On May 14, the Massachusetts Bar Association and its Lawyers Eco-Challenge partner, the Conservation Law Foundation, honored four of those law firms for exemplary leadership in greening the practice of law. The honors took place at the closing reception following the House of Delegates meeting at the Salem Waterfront Hotel.

“Now, more than ever, it is necessary for lawyers to become sustainability leaders. We hope the efforts of our Eco-Challenge pledge partners continue to inspire changes throughout the legal community and the business world at large,” said MBA President David W. White Jr. as he welcomed the guests of honor at the reception.