DisasterRelief2A History of Assistance 

In response to acts of terrorism and natural disasters, MBA volunteer attorneys have risen to the occasion and provided pro bono legal assistance to members of their community. Past MBA legal assistance programs have included: 

  • Marathon Bombing Victims Legal Assistance Program
    The MBA offered legal assistance to victims of the Boston Marathon bombings. The MBA helped victims pursue claims for financial assistance or services available from the One Fund, the Victims of Violent Crime Assistance Fund and other organizations. 
  • MBA's September 11th Committee
    The MBA worked closely with the Massachusetts Office of Victims Assistance to lend a hand to those families most directly impacted by the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. The MBA also provided pro bono assistance in the areas of probate law, and labor and employment law to the immediate families of those who perished.
  • Disaster Relief Dial-A-Lawyer
    Victims of the devastating tornados that hit Central and Western Massachusetts in June 2011 received free legal advice from attorneys through the Disaster Relief Dial-A-Lawyer, a program jointly offered by the MBA, the Hampden County Bar Association and Western New England University School of Law.
  • New Orleans Legal Assistance Project
    Due Hurricane Katrina’s devastation, attorneys and law students from Massachusetts
    learned how to work on behalf of Gulf Coast residents who want to challenge decisions of FEMA terminating rental assistance benefits or seeking recoupment (repayment) of assistance monies previously paid.
  • Veterans Programming
    The MBA developed legal assistance programming for veterans and families of veterans, including a Veteran Benefits Appeal Pro Bono Program, Veterans Dial-A-Lawyer Program and Veterans Visiting Lawyer Program.