Legislative initiatives impacting Mass. employers and employees

Issue July 2011

The Labor & Employment Section hosted a discussion of legislative initiatives which could significantly impact Massachusetts employers and employees, as well as the practice of employment law. The event was held May 24 at the MBA's Boston office.

The panel, which included Representatives William N. Brownsberger, Lori A. Ehrlich and Martin J. Walsh, discussed, among other legislative initiatives:

  • House Bill 1409, which would amend the Massachusetts Maternity Leave Act (sponsored by Rep. Walsh);
  • House Bill 1411, which would amend the Massachusetts Wage Act by making treble damages mandatory only upon willful violation (sponsored by Rep. Walz);
  • House Bill 2293, which would regulate the use of non-competition/non-solicitation agreements (sponsored by Reps. Brownsberger and Ehrlich);
  • House Bill 1398, which would require employers to provide paid sick leave to employees (sponsored by Rep. Khan).