MBA welcomes South Asian Bar Association of Greater Boston as affiliated bar

Issue May 2008

The MBA welcomes the South Asian Bar Association of Greater Boston as an affiliated bar association, one of more than two dozen associations that help the MBA further its mission, policies and activities.

Affiliated associations play a vital and irreplaceable role for the specific popu-lations and communities they serve, which are usually centered around culture, area of practice and geographic region. There are currently 26 such associations with representatives on the MBA’s governing House of Delegates.

“I am proud to welcome SABA GB as an affiliated bar of the MBA,” MBA President David W. White Jr. said. “SABA GB is a flourishing bar full of dedicated attorneys. We hope to share new ideas and hear fresh perspectives from its new representative on our governing House of Delegates.”

SABA GB President Samia M. Kirmani looks forward to the new partnership. “We believe that each bar association can represent and bring a unique voice to the diversity discussion, but only as a team can we make a real difference in the landscape of our profession,” she said. “We are honored to have become an affiliate of the Massachusetts Bar Association and look forward to working collaboratively to further our collective goals.”

The SABA GB, a chapter of the North American South Asian Bar Association, is a voluntary bar association dedicated to the advancement and development of attorneys and law students in Massachusetts who are interested in issues affecting the South Asian community.

The MBA created its Division of Bar Services to cultivate relationships and build collaborations to strengthen the MBA community with county, local and specialty bar associations throughout the commonwealth.

“Diversity is a key factor in the composition of the Massachusetts legal community,” MBA Bar Services Liaison Patricia O. Plasse said. “As the state bar association, it is crucial that the MBA’s governing body reflects that diversity. As bar services liaison, I welcome SABA GB and look forward to working with their leadership and members.”

For more information about SABA GB, visit or contact President Samia M. Kirmani at (617) 367-0025 or [e-mail kirmanis].