New juror service Web site offers high-tech convenience to Massachusetts jurors online

Issue January 2008

On Dec. 17, the Office of the Jury Commissioner announced the launch of its new interactive Juror Service Web site, allowing the more than 350,000 citizens called for jury duty each year to access information about their summonses more quickly and easily.

“This Web site allows the courts to increase efficiency and accessibility,” said Chief Justice for Administration and Management Robert A. Mulligan. “We want to enhance the ability of citizens to participate in the justice system and ensure diversity in jury pools.”

The site is the latest addition to a total upgrade of technologies used in jury management and overall judicial administration in Massachusetts. Now, jurors can go online to confirm or postpone service, request a disqualification or hardship transfer, find courthouse information and complete the confidential juror questionnaire.

According to Paula Hannaford-Agor, director of the Center for Jury Studies of the National Center for State Courts, the interactive functionality of the site is the most comprehensive in the country.

Jury Commissioner Pamela J. Wood is glad for the launch of the new online services. “The Web site will not only cut costs but will also lead to quicker, more direct services for the juror,” she said. “We hope that in time, the majority of jurors will choose to respond to their summonses online.”

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