LRS screens for LAR eligibility

Issue January 2008 By Kelsey Sadoff

Often, self-represented litigants don’t finish their family or probate law action due to confounding court processes. While they can afford to pay for some legal assistance, the cost of full service representation is simply prohibitive.

LAR offers a solution by providing clients and attorneys an opportunity to come to a representation agreement tailored to the specific legal issues associated with individual cases. This reduces a client’s legal fees, while ensuring court proceedings move forward.

Starting this month, the Massachusetts Bar Association is offering limited assistance representation referrals through the Lawyer Referral Service Program.

“LAR is a win-win situation,” said Elizabeth O’Neil, the MBA’s director of Community and Public Services. “LAR offers clients an opportunity to be represented and may increase payments to attorneys, while moving the process through the Family and Probate Court system.”

The MBA has now taken an active role in offering LAR as a proffered service. Through the already established LRS Program, a public service dedicated to directing callers to the most appropriate legal resources, MBA representatives are educating general public callers about LAR.

Currently, only certain individuals are eligible for LAR referrals. Offering LAR through LRS provides an opportunity for an initial screening process between potential clients and qualified lawyers.

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