Massachusetts Bar Association welcomes new members

Issue May 2007

Ellen Acconcio of Santaniello, Posnik & Basile PC
Robert D. Ahearn of the Law Office of Robert D. Ahearn
Emanuel John Anastasi of Anastasi & Associates PC
Donald H. Angus, Jr. of Donald H. Angus Jr., Attorney at Law
Andrea Barnes of the Law Office of Andrea Barnes
Leah Catherine Battaglioli of the Office of the General Counsel,
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
Catherine Ann Bednar
Wendy Marie Berg of Western Mass. Legal Service
Karen M. Bolton of the Law Office of Karen M. Bolton
Peter J. Brewer of Peter J. Brewer, Esq.
Michael J. Brothers Jr.
Aldo F. Castaneda
Linda Champion
Joseph K. Chancellor of Joseph K. Chancellor, J.D., M.B.A.
C. George Christovich
Hanna Chwilczynska
Paul E. Clancy Jr. of the Law Office of Paul E. Clancy Jr.
Jennifer Cleary of Bingham & McCutchen LLP
Todd A. Davidson of Todd A. Davidson, Attoney at Law LLC
Jennifer A. Deland
Vincent P. Dolan Jr.
Julianne Donato
Bobbi-Sue Doyle-Hazard
Emmanuel T. Ebot of Stiles & Associates LLC
Eileen J. Ennis of EMD Serono Inc.
Deborah P. Fawcett of Deborah P. Fawcett, Attorney at Law
Peter D. Feeherry
Matthew Fenselau of Fish & Richardson PC
Trevor M. Findlen of Laredo and Smith LLP
Deborah J. Foley of Foley Investigations
Maureen Forsyth of Forsyth Law Offices PC
Valerie Kim Frias of Patridge, Snow and Hahn LLP
Stacie Lynn Garry of Stacie L. Garry, Attorney at Law
William J. Gately Jr.
Michael A. Glover of Edwards, Angell, Palmer & Dodge LLP
Nathan P. Goldstein of Wilmer, Cutler, Pickering, Hale & Dorr LLP
Catherine L. Graham of Shilepsky, O’Connell, Casey, Hartley,
Michon & Yelen LLP
Frederick C. Grosser of Grosser & Associates
Steven M. Guiney of the Law Office of Steven M. Guiney
Valentin David Gurvits of Boston Law Group LLP
Alisa Lynn Hacker of Kirkpatrick & Lockhart, Preston, Gates, Ellis LLP
Joseph T. Hawkins of Ropes & Gray LLP
Erica D. Jacobsen of the Law Office of Richard A. Glaser PC
Diana Jo Keir of Nair & Levin PC
Richard W. Kendall
Paul R. Kennedy of Cornell & Gollub
C. Jeffrey Kinder of Massachusetts Superior Court
Anne B. Ladov of Keches & Mallen PC
Michael Lima of the Law Office of Michael C. Lima
Alice Lindahl
Tracey M. Manzi of New England Divorce Solutions
Lacey M. McCabe of McCabe & Associates PC
Scott L. McConchie of Griesinger, Tighe & Maffei LLP
Angela C. McConney of the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office
Anthony A. McGuinness of Sassoon & Cymrot LLP
David I. McIntyre of McIntyre & McIntyre
Mary O. Mone of Grosser & Associates
Hon. Cornelius J. Moriarty II of Massachusetts Superior Court
Greg Pakhladzhyan of Foley & Hoag LLP
John C. Pappas of J.D. Irving Ltd.
Michael P. Patnaude of Anastasi & Associates PC
Peter C. Phillips of Soule, Leslie, Kidder, Sayward & Loughman
Kristine M. Potter of the Law Office of Mark E. Salomone
Lori R. Powers of Cornell & Gollub
Nicole M. Pratt
Jonathan S. Rankin of Glickman & Turley LLP
Jenny Louise Redden of Bellotti & Barretto PC
Sheilah G. Reichardt of Latham, Latham & Lamond PC
Michael T. Renaud of Pepper Hamilton LLP
David F. Ries
Jennifer E. Russ of Russell & Associates LLC
Peter F. Russell
Robert T. Santaniello of Santaniello & Santaniello LLC
Holly M. Stephens of Edwards, Angell, Palmer & Dodge LLP
Suzanne E. Thompson of Massachusetts Probate & Family Court
Darcy Thompson
Paul Francis Toner of the Massachusetts Teachers Association
Michael E. Toner of Aon Corp.
Jeffrey John Trapani of Robinson & Donovan PC
Christopher J. Valente of Boston University School of Law
Christopher Vaughn-Martel of the Law Office of Christopher
W. Vaughn-Martel
Ronald H. Wayland
Robert J. Wheeler Jr. of the Law Office of Robert J. Wheeler Jr.