MBA welcomes new members

Issue July/August 2006

Jennifer M. Almeida of the Law Office of Timothy J. Lowney
Miriam Goldstein Altman of The Law Offices of Miriam G. Altman
Dan V. Bair II of Brodeaur-McGan, Attorney at Law
Christopher D. Becker of Maselan & Jones PC
Gary Theobald Beery of the Law Office of Gary Theobald Beery
James M. Bosco of the Law Office of James M. Bosco
Wade C. Boylan of PFPC Inc.
Mark W. Brittain of Ianello Legal Associates
John J. Brooks III of the Law Office of John J. Brooks III
Patrick Neil Bryant of Sandulli Grace PC
Ralph J. Cafarelli of Sullivan & Sullivan LLP
Michael J. Callahan of George Washington Law School
Erin T. Cashman of Cashman & Waligory
Dmitri A. Chernov of the Law Office of Dmitri A. Chernov
Jo Ann Citron of Citron Law
Christine Ciuffo of Marianne Byrne, Attorney at Law
Ilisa S. Clark of Littler & Mendelson, PC
Jennifer M. Clark of Shaw & Corcoran PC
Jonathan D. Cohen of Brookstone
Sonya Collins of Tocci, Goss & Lee PC
Caroline Connolly of Maher & Associates
Richard J. D’Agostino
Walter R. Daley of Walter R. Daley, Attorney at Law
Richard T. Davies of William M. Yates, Attorney at Law
Prasant D. Desai of the Law Office of Richard L. Iandoli
Elizabeth B. Dobkowski of the Law Office of Elizabeth B. Dobkowski
Mark Donovan of Kevin M. Considine PC
Stephanie M. Dooley of Giarusso, Norton, Cooley & McGlone
Patrick Driscoll of Hogan, Roache & Malone
Julie Carol Easter of Regan & Kiely LLP
Sandra Egan
Laura J. Fenn
Julie J. Fletcher of Jackson Lewis LLP
James J. Foley Jr.
Joshua Michael Fox of Rollins, Rollins & Fox
Arthur D. Frank Jr. of Law Office of Arthur D. Frank Jr.
Karen E. Friedman of Lurie & Krupp LLP
Samuel J. Gallo of Segue Software Inc.
Mark R. Giebner of MassMutual Financial Group
Richard M. Gilbert of Adler, Pollock & Sheehan PC
Russell W. Gilfus of Commonwealth Of Mass. Human Resources Division
Robert L. Goodale of the Bristol County District Attorney’s Office
Stephen P. Hayes of Hayes & Hayes
William Joseph Hickey of the Law Office of Julie Rougeau
Sandra Clough Howard of the Law Office of Sandra Howard
Kevin M. Hughes of Wolpoff & Abramson LLP
Paul T. Hynes of Angoff, Goldman, Manning, Wanger & Hynes PC
Kara J. Johnson of Massachusetts Office for Victim Assistance
Deborah Lynne Jones
Matthew D. Killeen of the Law Office of Matthew D. Killeen
Cheryl J. King of the Law Office of John A. Gebauer
Amie Leann Kruse
Andrew J. LaCourse III
Dawn E. Lavallee of Lyon & Fitzpatrick LLP
David S. Lawless of Robinson & Donovan PC
Sandra Morgan Lefenfeld of Wellington Management Company LLP
Leslie J. Linson of the Law Office of Leslie J. Linson
Valeriy Lisitsyn of the Russian Academy of Justice
Lauren P. Marini of Martin, Magnuson, McCarthy & Kenney
Tina R. Matsuoka of the Office of the Attorney General
John C. McCall
Robert J. McGann
Joseph D. McGlinchey II of Joseph D. McGlinchey, Attorney at Law
Andrew M. McKinney of Monahan & Associates PC
Brigid E. Mitchell
Gregory J. Moscatel
Adam Moscatel of The Boston Globe
Lynn S. Muster of the Massachusetts Appeals Court
Elizabeth R. O’Keefe of the Law Firm of Michael P. Healy & Associates
Charles T. O’Neill of O’Neill & Neylon
Owen O’Neill of Sullivan & Sullivan LLP
Lisa A. Paolillo of the Lahey Clinic
Jacques N. Parenteau of Parr & Parenteau PC
Regina A. Passeri of Konarka Technologies Inc.
John J. Pedone
Anthony C. Perkins of the Law Office of John A. Gebauer
Morn Phaen of Saab Law Firm
Maureen L. Pomeroy of Sulloway & Hollis PLLC
Eileen Mary Quill of Doherty & Quill
Martha T. Ramsey of Ramsey & Hanesian LLP
Charles G. Rancourt of Charles G. Rancourt, Attorney at Law
Susan M.F. Rayne
Stephen F. Reardon of Stephen F. Reardon, Attorney at Law
Nataly Restrepo of the Law Office of Chaz R. Fisher Inc.
Tamara C. Reznik of Expedia Inc.
Lisa Rico of McCarter & Englich LLP
Timothy M. Roche of Monahan & Associates PC
Natasha Rossi of the Law Offices of Miriam G. Altman
Sharon Marie Salkewicz
Dale Francis Saran of Dale Francis Saran, Attorney at Law
Patrick E. Sheehan of the Law Office of Patrick E. Sheehan
Laurel H. Siegel of Siegel, Wagner & Swartz
Denise M. Slater
Diana Sorrentini-Velez of Cooley Shrair PC
Eddy N. Staco
Michael B. Steinberg
Mark D. Sullivan of Sullivan & Sullivan LLP
Richard J. Sullivan of Sullivan & Sullivan LLP
Kelly Anne Sullivan of the Disability Law Center
Richard K. Sullivan Jr. of Richard J. Sullivan Jr., Attorney at Law
Jeffrey G. Sweeney of the Law Office of Jeffrey Sweeney
Jennifer D. Taddeo of Gilmore, Rees, Carlson & Cataldo PC
Michelle L. Tessier of Kenney & Sams PC
William R. Traft of the Law Office of William R. Traft
Adam Tullier of White, Freeman & Winter
Philip A. Vachon of Thomas M. Sherman Jr., Attorney at Law
Kathryn D. von Schoeler of Brodeaur-McGan, Attorney at Law
Danielle Jena Weiss
Mary Katherine Welti of Ficksman & Conley LLP
Robert E. Wheeler of Mr. Robert E. Wheeler
Michael C. Wilcox of Aloise & Wilcox PC
Kenneth X. Xie of Kirkpatrick & Lockhart, Nicholson, Graham LLP
Jeffrey Robert Yousey of Nelson, Kinder, Mosseau & Saturley PC
Matthew Jason Zamaloff