MBA welcomes new members

Issue January 2005

Robert J. Ambrogi

Godson Anosike

Gregory H. Arabian of Gregory H. Arabian & Assoc., PC

Christine M. Bailey of Hinckley Allen & Snyder, LLP

Brent William Barringer of Cushing & Dolan, PC

Christopher W. Blanchard

Nikiki Tavia Bogle of Suffolk County District Attorney's Office

Jennipher A. Borey of Sovereign Bank

Norma J. Brettell of Law Office of Norma J. Brettell

Brian M. Childs of Sloane & Walsh, LLP

Joyce M. Collins of Joyce M. Collins Esq.

Ann D. Constanza

Kathy Jo Cook of Keches & Mallen, PC

William D. Cox of City of Haverhill

Stephen M. Crawford

Jeanne E. Cullen of Action Inc.

Richard Stephen Denhup of Paul Hastings Janofsky & Walker, LLP

Mary F. Dillon

Jessica A. Edgerton of Testa Hurwitz & Thibeault, LLP

George M. Eysie, Jr. of Law Office of George Eysie, Jr. & Associates

Linda J. Fagan

John J. Ferriter of Ferriter & Ferriter, LLC

Bridget C. Fleming of Sloane & Walsh, LLP

Holle Bevins Forbes of Steven H. Schafer & Assoc.

Michael D. Ford of Michael D. Ford, Esq.

Philip M. Giordano of Giordano & Co., PC

Michael P. Giunta of Donovan Hatem, LLP

Kenneth I. Gordon of Gordon Law Office

William John Gosz of Hoffman & Hoffman

Kenneth Alan Grady of KB Toys

Lisa M. Gregson

Maria Bordetsky Gurevich of Ernst & Young

Richard Bates Harris

Timothy P. Hatch of Tomlinson & Hatch

Lesley Carroll Hauser of Joseph F. O'Neil, PC

Robin M. Hodkinson

Carol A. Houghtaling of Verizon New England

John Clarke Kane, Jr. of Ropes & Gray

Terence Kenneally of Clinton & Muzyka, PC

Ben R. Kociubinski

Peter M. LeBlanc of Law Office of Peter M. LeBlanc

Ross E. Linzer

Daniel J. Mahoney of Turner & Mahoney

Marion V. McEttrick

Michael McGee of Horizon Management Group, LLP

Dee Bailey McMeekan of New England Legal Search

Robert A. Murray of Murray & Murray

Bridget E. Murray

George Joseph Nader of Riley & Dever, P.C.

E. Melvin Nash of Law Office of E. Melvin Nash

Stephen Neyman of Law Office of Stephen Neyman, PC

Robert L. Noa

William F. O'Connor of The O'Connor Law Firm

Deborah Helene O'Toole of The Walker Home & School

Claudette-Jean Papuga

Jeffrey J. Pokorak of Suffolk University Law School

Samuel R. Price of Boston College Law School

Debra L. Purrington

Luba A. Raynus of Law Office of Luba A. Raynus, PC

Robin B. Rose-Buxton

Mariann Samaha

Mary A. Sassone of The Sassone Law Firm

Liam D. Scully of Aruri & Scully

Christopher M. Sheehan of Law Office of Christopher M. Sheehan

Naomi Lovelle Shelton of Law office of Naomi Lovele Shelton

Siobhan M. Sweeney of Davis Malm & D'Agostine, PC

Julia M. Tantas

Christopher Tolley of Phillips & Angley

Lisa Marie Tonon of Cushing & Dolan, PC

Thomas Kim Westort

Adam C. Yourell

Rachel Ziegler of Hinckley Allen & Snyder, LLP

Catherine C. Ziehl of Office of the Attorney General