Learn the ABCs of financial statements and more via online CLE

Issue February 2005

Get up to speed on important legal topics in the comfort of your own home or office through the MBA's distance-learning partner, LegalSpan.

You can choose from a wide range of seminars geared toward providing the essentials of a specific topic - from the latest in civil litigation techniques to what's new in criminal liability for corporations.

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•  Introduction to Financial Statement Concepts: If you have little or no accounting or financial background this course will provide you with an understanding of the fundamentals of financial reporting. You will be better equipped to communicate with accounting and financial professionals and to know whether you should place reliance on financial information. You will also be introduced to terminology of the profession and will see how the various components of the financial statements fit together. You will also learn limitations of financial reporting. This knowledge will help you in understanding the finances of your clients.
•  Jury Selection, Opening Statement and Closing From Defense Perspective:
The jury selection for the defense is far from easy, since the plaintiff's attorney has already had an opportunity to establish a relationship with the jurors. Follow-up on plaintiff's questions and don't let answers hang. There is no "right or wrong" way to do an opening statement. However, whatever your style may be, you must let the jury understand, in the most basic terms what your case is all about. Don't let the plaintiff control your closing. Keep your own theme by being yourself, logical and sincere.
•  Employment Issues in the Health Care Workplace:
What limits can be placed on leaves of absence when a facility is short-staffed? How should an allegation of sexual harassment against a physician by investigated? What risks are there in using hiring or retention bonuses? How does the 8/80 rule apply? What are the keys to implementing a successful reduction-in-force program? How does the ADA impact the handling of a disruptive physician?
•  How to Get the Best Results in Mediation - Helpful Negotiation Strategies:
Don't negotiate against yourself! Don't leave money on the table! This course examines both the theory and practice of negotiating strategies and techniques in the mediation process to improve your skills in getting the best settlement for your client.