Serving the mission of the MBA

Issue September 2004 By Kathleen M. O'Donnell

"Lawyers in Massachusetts are a special breed. Perhaps it is the example of Louis D. Brandeis, a founding member of the Massachusetts Bar Association, that is stamped indelibly on our collective conscience; or it may be the legacy of John Hancock's prominent attorney, John Adams, that motivates us. Whatever serious public problems have arisen in Massachusetts, lawyers have been in the vanguard seeking workable solutions."

Michael S. Dukakis

Foreword to Fiat Justitia,* A History of the Massachusetts Bar Association, 1910-1985

*Fiat Justitia is the MBA motto ("Let Justice Be Done")

"Leadership of the Association has consistently emphasized idealism. Legal service for those who cannot afford to pay is one current emphasis. Exploration of the enormous complexities or professionalism is another."

Hon. Edward F. Hennessey

Preface to Fiat Justitia

"The Association from its beginning has attracted lawyers concerned with and committed to the professionalism of the bench and bar."

Michael S. Greco

Introduction to Fiat Justitia

I am honored and humbled to been given a chance to serve as president of the organization about which these distinguished lawyers wrote almost 20 years ago. These words still aptly describe the Massachusetts Bar Association - an organization with a rich and meaningful history that has, since its inception, been dedicated to preserving access to justice, to serving the public interest and to maintaining the integrity of our profession.

Literally hundreds of volunteers have offered to work with me this year in trying to keep the mission of the MBA alive and in attempting to live up to the goals set for us by our predecessors. I thank them for their service to the bar and I thank all of our members of the MBA for this unique and valued opportunity.