Pro Bono Month Volunteer Opportunity: Mock Trial

Thursday, Oct. 12, 2023
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"I’ve been judging trials for the MBA Mock Trial Tournament for over ten years. It’s amazing to watch the high school students examine and cross-examine witnesses, present documentary evidence, make evidentiary objections and qualify expert witnesses. It’s really rewarding to participate in a program that teaches kids so many life lessons, regardless of whether or not they want to be a lawyer: teamwork, critical thinking and strategy, public speaking, strong listening skills. I was so impressed by the Mock Trial program that I joined the Mock Trial Committee!"

Carol E. Kamm, co-chair
MBA Mock Trial Committee

In October, the Massachusetts Bar Association is proud to join attorneys around the country in support of Pro Bono Month — a collective effort to promote volunteerism to meet the legal needs of the most vulnerable people in our society. Pro bono service is an important part of being an attorney in Massachusetts, and we encourage you to volunteer for one of our pro bono initiatives.

In honor of Pro Bono Month, this month in eJournal we will be highlighting several volunteer opportunities available at the MBA. This week, we’re spotlighting Mock Trial:

Do you have trial experience? Would you like to share your knowledge of the law and courtroom procedures with eager young minds? Volunteer as an attorney coach or judge in the annual MBA High School Mock Trial Program.

Since 1985, the MBA has hosted an annual, statewide High School Mock Trial Program to help students learn more about the law, court procedures and our legal system, and give them an opportunity to sharpen their analytical, listening and speaking skills. Members of the MBA serve as attorney coaches and judges for the Mock Trial Program, while thousands of high school students across Massachusetts participate.

Attorneys interested in volunteering their time for this important program should email the Mock Trial Program at

The Mock Trial Program is administered by the MBA, with support from the Massachusetts Bar Foundation.