Notable & Quotable: MBA members in the news and more

Thursday, Feb. 16, 2023


  • "Finding fair juries will be key to Brian Walshe, Lindsay Clancy cases," Boston 25 News (Feb. 16). MBA Executive Management Board member Peter Elikann was interviewed about the challenge of finding impartial jurors in the high-profile murder cases of Brian Walshe and Lindsay Clancy.

  • "In rare decision, judge dissolves lien in construction case," Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly (Feb. 13). MBA Development & Construction Law Practice Group member David L. Fine and MBA member James L. Rudolph commented on a Superior Court judge's decision that a contractor's second notice of contract should be dissolved because it was inaccurate and willfully and intentionally filed.

  • "Judge orders spoliation sanction in commercial dispute," Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly (Feb. 13). MBA member Alan E. Brown discussed a Superior Court judge's decision that defendants in a business dispute engaged in sanctionable spoliation of evidence by failing to preserve communications that they knew could be relevant to a potential lawsuit.

  • "Can Massachusetts courts hear product claims from New Hampshire crash?" Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly (Feb. 13). MBA Civil Litigation Section Council member Thomas R. Murphy discussed a Supreme Judicial Court case involving whether the state's long-arm statute applies to product liability claims filed by a New Hampshire man who sustained serious injuries in the crash of a car he purchased years after it was first leased in Massachusetts. 

  • "With memoir, ‘renegade’ challenges lawyers to pursue public interest, human rights work," Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly (Feb. 13). MBA member Harvey A. Silverglate wrote a review of Renegade for Justice: Defending the Defenseless in an Outlaw World, a memoir by MBA member Stephen Lee Saltonstall.
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