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Thursday, Dec. 15, 2022
Comments sought on proposed amendments to Superior Court Rules


The Superior Court Rules and Forms Committee is soliciting comments on proposed amendments to Superior Court Rules 9A, 9B and 9C, and Proposed New Superior Court Rule 9F.

The Rule 9A amendments are largely technical, with the exception of a new subsection 9A(b)(2)(iv), concerning how to file exhibits attached to a motion or included in an appendix. The amendment to Rule 9B addresses the need to identify and list the parties served. The revisions to Rule 9C are largely technical. Proposed new Rule 9F addresses information to be included in any motion to enlarge the tracking order deadlines — for example, the number of prior motions, a brief summary of discovery to date and a statement of what remains to be done.

Copies of the proposals can be found here.

Comments should be sent to, or to Alex Philipson, Legal Counsel, Massachusetts Superior Court, Three Pemberton Square, 13th Floor, Boston, MA 02108.

The deadline for submitting comments is Feb. 15, 2023.