Featured Member Benefit: Open a LawPay account by Nov. 30 to pay no monthly fee until 2023

Thursday, Nov. 11, 2021

LawPay2018Did you know that four out of five law firms that accept credit cards are out of compliance with trust account rules? That’s why lawyers must choose a payment processor that understands the complexities of trust accounting.

Unlike generic online payment solutions, LawPay was developed specifically for lawyers. Not only does LawPay prevent commingling of earned and unearned funds, it also protects your trust account from any third-party debiting. LawPay’s online payment solution allows you to offer clients a secure, convenient payment experience that helps you get paid faster and more reliably. It’s the only payment solution that ensures American Bar Association and IOLTA compliance for both credit card and eCheck transactions.

LawPay is proud to be a vetted and approved member benefit of the Massachusetts Bar Association. To set you up for success in the new year, LawPay is offering an opportunity to try their trusted online payment solution with no monthly program fee for a full year. Open a LawPay account by Nov. 30 to pay no monthly fee until 2023. Get started here